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My name is Sol Hanna and I am the Producer of the Ajahn Brahm Podcast, which is part of the Everyday Dhamma Network. I started this podcast as a tribute to Ajahn Brahm, the greatest English speaking dhamma teacher of this generation whose teachings are valued by millions of people around the world. In addition to remastering older talks which have lower quality (as they were recorded in a period where most people had less internet bandwidth and therefore demanded smaller files for downloading), I'm also making AI-generated transcripts of talks available also. Additionally, by making Ajahn Brahm's teachings available on a regular basis, people can get regular updates of teachings and thereby benefit from the clarity of wisdom based on lived experience, as well as compassion and humour of Ajahn Brahm

However, running these projects online costs money. I use a variety of online tools to get things done. (For those who want to know, these include Podbean, Podpage,, Canva, Headliner and Then there's the capital costs of equipment. Your donation will help support the work I'm doing by covering my costs and allowing me to reinvest in improving the quality of what I do and establish new initiatives.

All the teachings made available on the Ajahn Brahm Podcast, as well as other podcast on the Everyday Dhamma Network, are made available for free (at no cost). Your donation supports these podcasts to keep publishing free content.


Thank you with kindness for your donation of the gift of dhamma.