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My name is Sol Hanna and I am the producer of the Forest Path Podcast, which is part of the Everyday Dhamma Network. When starting the Forest Path Podcast I was thinking about providing translated teachings of the Thai Forest Tradition teachers, as well as other renowned teachers that have gone to the wilderness to strive to find the Awakening that the Buddha saw 26 centuries ago and is being kept alive today thanks to their efforts. It is the Awakened Wisdom of these teachers that makes deep spiritual progress towards Nibbana possible even in this chaotic and confused age. However one advantage of this age is ease of access to information, and I wanted to make these teachers of the forest meditation masters easily accessible on each listeners phone whenever and wherever they may be, free of charge. It's like having the voice of an Awakened meditation master in your pocket and you don't even have to scroll through to read it, but have it narrated for the listener whenever and wherever you are.

However, running these projects online costs money. I use a variety of online tools to get things done. (For those who want to know, these include Podbean, Podpage,, Canva, Headliner and Then there's the capital costs of equipment. Your donation will help support the work I'm doing by covering my costs and allowing me to reinvest in improving the quality of what I do and establish new initiatives.

All the teachings made available on the Forest Path Podcast, as well as other podcast on the Everyday Dhamma Network, are made available for free (at no cost). Your donation supports these podcasts to keep publishing free content.


Thank you with kindness for your donation of the gift of dhamma.