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Dennis Sheppard

former President of the Buddhist Society of Western Australia

Dennis is a building designer, who designs and documents all kinds of residential and commercial buildings. He has completed many of the Buddhist Society’s projects, pro bono.

For 22 years Dennis was heavily involved with Samaritan Befrienders where he served as a Director and worked as a volunteer counsellor, attending to people with real and potential suicide risk.

His involvement with BSWA has ranged from counselling and chaplaincy, to teaching meditation. He has served multiple terms as President of the Buddhist Society of WA.

Dennis is an accredited marriage celebrant, as well as an accredited Clinical Hypnotist. His work in the field of hypnotherapy specialises in working with “Past Lives” and “Stillness Healing”. His other passions include astronomy, astrophysics and poetry.

The mind and the universe are wonderful things to study, especially with the systematic approach that is offered with Buddhist meditation.

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