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Piotr Jagodzinski

Piotr Jagodziński - born July 2, 1980 - creator (2007) and editor-in-chief of Sasana.pl - in 2009 in
Burma under the guidance of Ashin Tejaniya, ordained as a Buddhist monk as Vilāsa Bhikkhu, received
a degree from Theravāda University (I.T.B.M.U.), after a year he moved to Sri Lanka, where, among
other things, he participated in a retreat with Ajahn Brahmavamso. In 2011 disrobed, while still
remaining a lay follower - an upāsaka. In 2016, ordained for a second time at Sāsanārakkha
Monastery, Malaysia, and was given a new name - Vilāsadhammika - by his teacher Ariyadhammika.
In 2017 disrobed for the second time. After a period of traveling and making documentaries, he
returned to Poland and is translating the suttas from the Pāḷi Canon, while living in a small hut
somewhere in the eastern forests, close to the Ukrainian border.


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