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I came across Ajahn Brahm in 2009 when I was recovering from a severe back pain for several months. Ajahn Brahm's teachings resonated with me straight away. It was not only wise, but a great fun as well! So, I kept listening to his talks more and more, started to attend retreats worldwide and gradually became devoted Buddhist and BSWA member.

In 2009 we put a few friends together and established a family charity and started to support various projects helping children, ranging from children hospice in Czech Republic to Czech Hospital in Karakoram mountains in Pakistan.
Gradually as my spiritual practice grew, I started translating Ajahn Brahm's talks into Czech language:

When the war in Ukraine started, I thought that people in Ukraine would need not only a material aid, but also a lot of psychological and spiritual support for many many years even after the war is over. So, I have set up a team of Ukrainian translators, editors, and actors worldwide and we are creating Ukrainian translations of inspiring Ajahn Brahm's talks:

What a great joy, great fun, and a great spiritual practice!

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