Treasure Mountain Podcast


My name is Sol Hanna and I am the Producer and Host of the Treasure Mountain Podcast. My aim is to share the stories and sage advice of Buddhist teachers and community leaders from around the world as we see a quiet revolution in spirituality as people turn to the wisdom of realised teachers and the meditation practices that were a integral characteristic of early Buddhism. In addition to raising awareness of teachers around the world and their wise advice through Treasure Mountain, I am working on other projects that I hope to release in future. In doing research about how to get the message across online I share what I learn with the various individuals and organisations I speak to.

However, running these projects online costs money. I use a variety of online tools to get things done. (For those who want to know, these include Podbean, Podpage, Zencastr, Canva, Headliner as well as sourcing content from Premium Beats and getting designs on 99desings). Your donation will help support the work I'm doing by covering my costs and allowing me to reinvest in improving the quality of what I do and establish new initiatives.