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I believe that hearing Dhamma is the magic ingredient that helps humans begin to see through the haze of confusion that is human condition and the better part of twenty years I've been working to make quality Dhamma teachings available as a volunteer and former president of the Buddhist Society of Western Australia. I'm still a committed member of the BSWA and working to establish a community of practice in the south-west of Western Australia. But I've decided to fly solo in terms of achieving my vision for sharing quality Buddhist teaching resources online, completely free of charge to anyone who wants to hear it.

The Everyday Dhamma Network needs people to become members that provide monthly support to share quality Buddhist teachings.

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That's why I've established the Everyday Dhamma Network which at its inception in late 2022 includes four podcasts:

  1. The Treasure Mountain Podcast
  2. The Buddha's Wisdom Podcast
  3. Forest Path Podcast
  4. Ajahn Brahm Podcast

I strongly believe that Buddhism is a living community of practice which helps people overcome all inner suffering and achieve true Awakening. But hearing quality Dhamma teachings is a necessary element that inspires and guides people to the path of practices leading to true freedom.

Will you become a member of the Everyday Dhamma Network to make quality teachings available for free via podcast audio format?

I also believe that podcasting is a natural fit for Buddhist teachings. From the very beginning in the time of the Buddha, the teachings were spoken by the Teacher and heard by those who would followers. In fact, at the time of the Buddha, his followers were sometimes referred to as "savakas" - those who've heard the Dhamma. Modern technology means that these spoken word teachings can be made available on your mobile device and be accessible wherever and whenever you want to hear wise, inspiring guidance. And when delivered via podcast that you've subscribed to, you will be reminded on a regular basis to listen to Dhamma.

However, running these projects online costs money. I use a variety of online tools to get things done. (For those who want to know, these include Podbean, Podpage, Podcastle.ai, Canva, Headliner, Otter.ai as well as sourcing content from Premium Beats). Your donation will help support the work I'm doing by covering my costs and allowing me to reinvest in improving the quality of what I do and establish new initiatives.

And if you don't want to become a member right now, would you consider making a one of donation (below)?

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